Commercial Roof Repair

Fort Lauderdale’s Choice for Commercial Roof Repair!
We typically work with companies to increase the life of their commercial roofs whilst keeping them waterproof. Property managers, real estate brokers and also business owners in the Fort Lauderdale area all turn to our company for the best in commercial roofing repair. We will make sure that you keep a sound building envelope at the cheapest possible life-cycle cost. Expensive tear-offs and replacements are not always necessary, particularly due to the fact significant improvements in modern technology for the coating of roofs have given us the equipment required to reliably prolong the actual lifespan of your existing flat or even metal roof.Commercial

roof repair is a huge task, sometimes spanning acres in area. The large area concerned is the basic difference between residential and commercial roof repair. Another difference is the fact that aesthetic value of a commercial roof is usually less than that of a household roof top, consequently we can use different materials for repairing each roof type. 

It is possible to keep costs down using a series of timely inspections and maintenance. Remember that the roof is open and vulnerable to the weather, which results in it expanding and contracting, and being vulnerable to acidity and climate conditions, eventually leading to major damage that requires the skill of roof technicians experienced in commercial refurbishment and repair. For example, we know how to deal with the obstacles presented on the typical flat roofs of commercial buildings: large air conditioners, ventilation systems, etc. 

One of the main tools in our arsenal is liquid ethylene propylene diene monomer (also referred to as EPDM or liquid rubber), which is a product made specially to coat commercial roofs. Liquid EPDM creates a dry film that penetrates into fissures at joints between new and old concrete, that reinforces weak areas in roof to wall flashings and this recoats steel siding that’s beginning to corrode in the bends.

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