Insurance Claims

Chances are, you’re already spending lots of money on homeowners’ insurance. There are countless ways your house can be damaged. However, wind, rain and hail damage are one of the commonest roof insurance claims processed in Fort Lauderdale. Most homeowners’ policies cover roof damage caused by storms and hurricanes. Most roofs are also covered for the cost of replacing them in the event of major damage.

Roofing damage can be extremely costly depending on the degree of the damage and the factors that caused it. Powerful thunder or wind storms, hail, falling trees and branches can do substantial damage to one’s roof structure. Fixing a destroyed roof structure is not only difficult to do, it’s incredibly expensive. A number of tools and equipment must be used for getting on the roof and mend the damage which was done.

Roof top damage claims can be complicated. Here’s exactly how it’s done: after you leaving your home or business safely and securing it from additional damage, you need to locate your insurance policy. Determine what the actual deductible is, and whether it’s worth it to file a claim. If you decide to move forward with the claim, use a digital or video camera to record the destruction done to the house or property.

After filing your claim, an insurance representative will check out the details of it, and the company will send out an adjuster to evaluate your damages. The actual insurance claim will be paid once it’s authorized by the adjustor. If the claim is not approved, you may need to consult a lawyer specializing in claims litigation. Many of these lawyers will only get paid if you win a settlement from the insurance.

In some cases, the insurance company may contest your claim, saying that your roof damage was caused by extreme wear and tear, or by factors other than what caused the damage. You can contact Fort Lauderdale Roofing Consultants to schedule a free on site evaluation to determine how the damage occurred and to what extent. Call us today if you need help with your insurance claim @ (754) 227-6254.