Residential Roof Repair

Residential Roof Repair in Fort Lauderdale

Your roof and its related flashings usually are perhaps by far the most essential elements of your house. Locating water leaks could possibly be the most challenging part of the roof restoration. Fort Lauderdale Roofing Consultants boasts years of experience in finding and fixing the most difficult leaks. Our company’s extensive knowledge of building construction helps us to determine and identify the actual origin of even the most difficult to locate roof leaks.

A variety of factors can cause roof leaks: worn out or old roofing shingles, storm damage, sun damaged shingles, people treading on the roof … the list goes on. Ninety percent of all roof leaks, however, are caused by defective or improper installation of metal flashing.

Doing it yourself can increase the damage rather than fix it, unless, of course, you’re a roof repair technician.

Our residential work includes all varieties of low and steep slope roofing, as well as all makes and styles of asphalt shingles, cedar shake, slate, metal and clay rooftops. We specialize in roofing routine maintenance and repairs and in roof replacement if that becomes necessary. Fort Lauderdale Roofing Consultants is thorough in both craftsmanship and in the housekeeping side of residential projects.

Call us quickly for your free residential roof repair estimate. We are fully licensed, and the most reliable roof repair team in all of Fort Lauderdale. Our roofing specialists go through the best training programs and our project managers always ensure that all our roofing projects are handled quickly, cleanly and professionally. If you’re looking for residential roofing experts, we’re the team for you!

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