Residential Roof Replacement

Residential Roof Replacement

From new roofs to roof replacement and repairs, guttering (including covers), Fort Lauderdale Roofing Consultants has you covered. We are located in Fort Lauderdale, FL, but we serve the Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami areas as well. Our roofing specialists can repair or replace just about any type of roof. Low slope and flat roofs are no problem – we repair and install these roofs as well.

Residential roofs normally do not last more than twenty years without developing major problems that cause property owners to think about replacing the roofing completely. One of the benefits of changing your homes roof is that you can alter your roof covering material. There are several roofing choices on the market, including:

• Clay tiles – these particular tiles are manufactured using a method close to that of ceramic floor tiles, that is, they’re molded and then fired in a furnace
• Concrete tile – also made like ceramic and clay tiles, the makers of concrete tile extrude the concrete directly into molds and dry it
• Asphalt shingles – the most common material for many homes in S FL, but has the shortest life expectancy
• Metal roofing – metal guards effectively against the sun’s rays and it is enduring, however it is often noisy and is also quite possibly the most pricey alternative

The roof is undoubtedly the main element shielding your home from the weather. A properly installed roof will last you at least fifteen years, if not twenty.Fort Lauderdale Roofing Consultants offers a top quality residential roof replacement service if your home’s covering has been damaged by harsh weather, or other factors and needs to be restored.

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