TPO Roof Replacement

TPO Roof Replacement

The need for a total replacement, or at least a retrofit, will occur sooner or later in the life span of your TPO roof. You must know that there is a stage where just doing repairs vs. retrofit/replacement could be causing more damage than good, although it is tempting to continuously do repairs because this entails much less time, material and work. Fort Lauderdale Roofing Consultants has many years of experience with re-roofing industrial, commercial and also institutional systems for a wide selection of buildings.

Price is a key point when deciding whether or not to replace or simply repair a roof. Deciding to replace can be straightforward in some instances, particularly for roof systems that are water-saturated, or that have severe structural inadequacies that make the entire system dangerous.

The material of choice for roof replacement jobs is thermoplastic polyolefin, or TPO, a material recognized for its ultraviolet inhibitors and also its chemical and fire resisting properties. TPO is usually reinforced with polyester fabric and made in several different thicknesses. This material is increasingly used in southern states, where energy-efficient, reflective cool roof products are becoming the norm.

TPO Roofing is built in three sections: the structural deck, the thermal insulation barrier, and the waterproofing membrane layer. Because the last section will be the first and only barrier against water leaks, it is extremely important. This particular membrane was made from metal, asphalt or rubber in past times, but starting in the 1990’s TPO began to replace the other products.

TPO roofs can be divided into three key groupings: fully adhered, mechanically fastened, and ballasted. The fully adhered system is usually the most expensive, but it does quite well over the course of time and it can handle very high wind speeds once it has the correct insulation attachment. Mechanically fastened systems are the most cost-effective if weight load is a concern and wind speeds often fall within the medium to high range. Ballasted systems are most economical if there are no weight load limitations and high wind speed is not a concern.

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